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Teeworlds is an opensource multiplayer game.

Choose which statistics to display

You are now free to choose whever or not to display these statistics.
Just access your account via facebook login to setup your preferences.

Facebook login

Facebook is only used as a mean of identification.
Teeworlds-stats will not publish anything on your wall.
Teeworlds will not even appear on your facebook profile.

If a clan/server/tee is missing

It could be because this clan/server/tee

  • Has not yet been online more than 5 minutes
  • Was not reachable through the official master servers
  • Was misspelled

In the latter case, try typing only part of the name and see the suggestions.

If your nickname is associated with another clan/country

Then, a second player is probably using the same nickname.
As a result, both of your statistics were merged.

Where do these statistics come from ?

Teeworlds servers are looked up every 5 minutes to gather data about players, clans, mods, etc...
Results are displayed on demand.


Teeworlds-stats is opensource, check it out on github.
Or leave a message on the teeworlds forums.